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Sustainable Transport in Europe and Links and Liaisons with America

Project partner

Stella-Consortium led by Prof. Peter Nijkamp, Free University Amsterdam

Persons involved

Prof. Dr. Kay W. Axhausen


EU (5th Framework Programme)

Project periode

01.01.2002 - 31.12.2004


The STELLA network will address five major focus areas which have been identified by both researchers and users in a series of recent meetings and publications as critical fields of interest for a Transatlantic thematic network in the transportation field. These are:

  1. Globalisation, E-Economy and Trade
  2. ICT, Innovation and the Transport System
  3. Society, Behaviour and Private/Public Transport
  4. Environment, Safety, Health, Land Use and Congestion
  5. Institutions, Regulations and Markets in Transportation

Dedicated Focus Groups will address these themes and take responsibility for an effective treatment of these focal themes via workshops, electronic exchange etc. A more extensive description of these focus areas can be found in the fourth document Trend Notes on STELLA Focus Areas hereafter. They will all lead to extensive programme documents (position reports) in which systematically common and contrasting features in Europe and North America will be mapped out. Clearly, overlap will be avoided; these focus areas will be complementary rather than overlapping with ongoing research activities (e.g., in the ICT field). For the specific ICT part ( in particular, the second focus area), STELLA will liaise with the new DG INFSO ITS network ATLANTIC.


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