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R.A. Waraich und B. Jäggi


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Electric mobility could play an important role for tackling problems related to energy security and climate change. Within the THELMA project, future electric vehicle penetration scenarios for Switzerland are studied, in order to investigate their possible implications on environment, economic and social performance. Furthermore, possible implications of electric vehicle charging on the electricity grid are studied while taking grid capacity constraints into account. Multi-criteria decision analysis was applied for evaluating sustainability and inform decision makers and stakeholders.

IVT was involved with traffic demand modelling for both Swiss national scenarios and local scenarios for three selected municipalities (Wattwil, Buchs and Zernez). The MATSim simulation and its extensions for electric vehicle modelling were used to model energy demand by the various types of vehicles, which included modelling of electricity demand ( The output of the simulations was used both for country-wide electric grid analysis and for life cycle analysis in local scenarios, where the environmental footprint of households was assessed.

Simulation scenarios for 2005, 2010 and 2030 were simulated. For the development of the 2030 scenario, the existing road network was updated with planned roads and also population growth projections were considered. With regards to changes in travel patterns, four scenarios were developed taking various levels of teleshopping and teleworking into account.

The work of IVT within THELMA, also included the development of a parking choice model, which allows modelling of walk time and cost trade-offs. Furthermore, a stated preference experiment with 400 person was conducted, in order to model vehicle choice in MATSim. Within the survey, respondents could adjust their household vehicle fleet in face of various hypothetical fuel prices.

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