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Prof. K.W. Axhausen

Prof. K. Nagel

Andreas Frei

Jeremy Keith Hackney

Johannes Illenberger

Matthias Kowald

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To consider traffic problems from the perspective of social network analysis is a comparatively new approach in traffic research. Conventional explanations for human mobility focus on the the distance between between a starting point and the point destination. Another approach is to look at the advantages that arise by moving spaciously. One new approach focuses on social relations and tries to use them as a source of explanations for spacial movements and actual traffic problems. Questions involved might be the following:

The aim of this survey is to elaborate this approach. Therefore, we are reliant on your cooperation. Only with numerous individual experiences of participants generally valid conclusions can be made during the data analysis.
In terms of protection of data privacy you do not have to worry about your anonymity. The scientific personnel and the ETH Zurich highly respect the protection of data, which is treated confidentially and anonymously. Thus, allocation of data and person will not be possible. The project is to expose anonymous statistic relations only.
To cover the different spheres of the network theory within traffic research, our survey is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the social contacts of a person. The second part is a activity based travel diary for eight days in a sequence.



This survey is special because it tries not only to ask people towards their social contacts but also to continue by asking those contacts towards their social contacts and so on. So we would like to continue the survey with the persons named by yourself. In this way the geographical distances between you and the persons you are in contact with can be calculated. Using this method of finding respondents means to enhance the approach of surveying social networks

A procedure as such enhances the socio-scientific network research approach. Normally, a given number of persons was questioned about their friends and colleagues and herewith the research usually ended. In this project names and addresses of friends and colleagues are being collected to continue with the survey. Using this procedure makes it possible to look at the geographical and social dispersion of social networks.


In addition to the questionnaire we would like to ask you to to write down your activities for eight days in a sequence. This method is an established and often used approach in traffic research. The diary shows the kind of your daily activities and the amount of theses activities. As this activities will be done at different places an indicator for the resulting amount of traffic can be calculated.



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