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Transport Atlas of Switzerland


Any use of the maps for commercial purposes requires permission of the IVT.

Part of the results of COST 340, a recent internationally funded project, is a series of images and maps representing the development of transport in Switzerland since 1950.

It can be argued that the central objective of Swiss transport policy in the last 150 years has been to improve accessibility, which links investment, the change in land use and economic growth with the systematic increase in market sizes of companies and activity spaces of people.

The level of accessibility is the result of the log sum term of a simple destination choice model (see Williams, 1974), which is based on the resident population and the travel times between the municipalities. These are calculated seperately for private and public transport. The values account for the effects caused by the population in the areas surrounding Switzerland (see Fröhlich and Axhausen, 2004).

The size of the country seems to have shrunk, if improved speeds and decreased travel times are taken into consideration. This changing shape has been traced by constructing time-scaled maps, where distances have to be read as travel time and not as distances (see Carosio, Dolci and Scherer, 2005).

Accessibility and time-scaled Maps 1950-2000
Public Transport
Road Travel
(PDF 16.1MB)
(PDF 20.6MB)
1960 Download
(PDF 16.7MB)
(PDF 17.1MB)
1970 Download
(PDF 17.0MB)
(PDF 17.4MB)
1980 Download
(PDF 16.8MB)
(PDF 17.7MB)
1990 Download
(PDF 17.0MB)
(PDF 18.0MB)
2000 Download
(PDF 16.8MB)
(PDF 18.2MB)
Poster of all maps: Accessibility and time scaled maps of Switzerland since 1950
(PDF 9.0MB)
Overview maps for road travel and public transport 1950-2000   Download
(PDF 24.0MB)
Brochure time-scaled maps
(PDF 19.0MB)
Population density 1950-2000
Overview 1950-2000 (with captions)   Download
(PDF 26.0MB)
1950   Download
(PDF 1.5MB)
1960   Download
(PDF 1.6MB)
(PDF 1.6MB)
1980   Download
(PDF 1.6MB)
1990   Download
(PDF 1.6MB)
2000   Download
(PDF 1.6MB)

Motorway network
Situation 2000   Download
(PDF 0.3MB)
Network growth 1950-2000   Download
(PDF 0.3MB)
Commuting distances
Development 1970-2000   Download
(PDF 0.8MB)

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