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A number of authors kindly made available their presentation for the website. The presentation files are available in PDF or ppt format and ordered by sessions. Presenters of missing presentations are invited to mail their presentation for inclusion.

Session First Author Title Download
A1 - Timetabling Kunimatsu, T. Evaluation of timetables by estimating passengers' personal disutility using micro-simulation Download
A1 - Timetabling Tanner, A. Auction-based allocation of railway network capacity  
A1 - Timetabling Büker, T. Efficient modelling of delay distribution functions  
A2 - Timetabling Caimi, G. The Periodic Service Intention as a Conceptual Frame for Generating Timetables with Partial Periodicity Download
A2 - Timetabling Schlechte, T. S. Optimization of macroscopic train schedules via TS-OPT Download
A2 - Timetabling Klabes, S. Assuring Convergence to Nash Equilibria for the Train Timetabling Problem  
A2 - Timetabling Hirai, C. Multi Level Approach in the Feasibility Check on the Train Stop Deployment Planning Download
A3 - Robustness Oort, N. van The Effect of Operations Control on Reliability Download
A3 - Robustness Schittenhelm, B. Quantitative Methods to Evaluate Timetable Attractiveness Download
A3 - Robustness Gassel, C. The impact of request stops on railway operations Download
A3 - Robustness Top, J. van Controlling the Normal, not the Exception: Ashby's Law of Requisite Variety in Traffic Management Download
A3 - Robustness Goverde, R. M. P. Railway Timetable Stability Analysis Using Stochastic Max-Plus Linear Systems Download
B1 - Capacity Armstrong, J. Automating the Production of Train Graphs and the Calculation of CUI Values Download
B1 - Capacity Lai, Y. C. Optimizing Strategic Railway Capacity Planning Download
B1 - Capacity Kontaxi, E. K. Techniques and methodologies for railway capacity analysis: comparative studies and integration perspectives Download
B2 - Capacity Rodriguez, J. A study of an incremental texture-based heuristic for the train routing and scheduling problem Download
B2 - Capacity Jong, J. C. A Rail Capacity Model for Estimating Hourly Throughputs with Mixed Traffic and Complex Track Layouts Download
B2 - Capacity Medeossi, G. Stochastic micro-simulation as a timetable robustness estimation tool Download
B3 - Capacity Schaafsma, A. Operation-driven Scheduling Approach for Fast, Frequent and Reliable Railway Services Download
B3 - Capacity Schöbel, A. The potential for saving energy by more precisely calculating station dwell times on commuter rail service Download
B3 - Capacity Lindfeldt, O. Analysis of capacity on double-track railway lines Download
B3 - Capacity Landex, A. Examination of Operation Quality for High-frequent Railway Operation Download
C1 - Arrival Zaroliagis, C. Robust and Online Railway Optimization: The ARRIVAL experience Download
C1 - Arrival Galli, L. G. Recovery-Robust Platforming by Network Buffering Download
C1 - Arrival D'Angelo, G. Recoverable-Robust Timetables for Trains on Single-Line Corridors Download
C1 - Arrival Flier, H. Finding Robust Train Paths in Dense Corridors Download
C1 - Arrival Gely, L. G. A cooperative framework between optimization and simulation to address on-line re-scheduling problems. Download
C2 - Arrival Marín, A. An Approach to Rapid Transit Rolling Stock Assignment Download
C2 - Arrival Perea, F. Evaluating Robustness of a Urban Railway Network  
C2 - Arrival Nielsen, L. K. A Rolling Horizon Based Framework for Rolling Stock Rescheduling Download
D1 - Rescheduling Fuchsberger, M. Conflict-free train scheduling in a compensation zone exploiting the speed profile Download
D1 - Rescheduling Chou, Y. H. Collaborative Rescheduling in a Distributed Railway Control System  
D1 - Rescheduling Corman, F. Effectiveness of dynamic reordering and rerouting of trains in a complicated and densely occupied station area Download
D2 - Miscellaneous Dolder, U. RCS - Rail Control System - Realtime Train Run Simulation and Conflict Detection on a Net wide Scale based on updated Train Positions Download
D2 - Miscellaneous Maue, J. Improved Local Freight Train Classification Download
D2 - Miscellaneous Marinov, M. V. Tactical Management of Freight Transportation Services by Rail: Evaluation of Yard Performances Download

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